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Why Epcot? It stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Walt Disney’s idea was that Epcot would be a visionary place to live and work. But it never quite turned out that way of course. Instead it became one of Disney’s most innovative theme parks.
The park consists of two sections—Future World and World Showcase—laid out in an hourglass shape.
In Future World, Epcot has some major attractions. Test Track is one of the most innovative thrill rides Disney has ever created. You will reach speeds of up to 65 mph on the fastest attraction in any Disney theme park. Or feel as though you really are flying over California on Soarin’. For the younger kids they will love The Seas With Nemo and Friends, and Turtle Talk with Crush. They can even Journey Into Imagination With Figment.
World Showcase contains pavilions representing eleven countries. In clockwise order, the pavilions are:






The United States of America




United Kingdom


Of the eleven pavilions, Norway and Morocco were not present at the park’s opening, and were added later. Each of these contains representative shops and restaurants and is staffed by citizens of these countries. Some also contain rides and shows.  
The World Showcase usually opens two hours after park opening and remains open later than the Future World section of the park.  
Unlike the Magic Kingdom, which does not serve alcohol, many stores and restaurants in the World Showcase do serve or sell alcoholic beverages from their respective countries, and beer is sold at refreshment stands throughout the park.
There is an entrance to the park between the France and United Kingdom Pavilions known as the International Gateway. Guests staying in a number of the Epcot Resorts and guests coming from Disney’s Hollywood Studios can access this gate by walkway or boat.