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behind-the-seedsATTRACTION: Behind The Seeds Tour
WHERE: Epcot
PRICE: $16 adults, $12.00 children (3-9)
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Park admission is required and is not included in the price of the tour. The tour is indoors and only an hour long, but you will be on your feet for the entire time. To book a tour call (407) 939-8687 or make reservations at the tour desk on the lower level of The Land. Tours available daily.

The Behind the Seeds at Epcot tour offers a one-hour indoor walking tour of the greenhouses seen during the Living With The Land attraction.

See the future of agriculture, go alligator gazing, release lady bugs and learn the advanced—and often experimental—techniques used to grow hydroponic crops with little or no soil. Watch how new methods are being developed to cultivate plants around the world and help make the Earth a healthier place to live. Take part in a herb/spice sensory challenge, veggie taste test – and you’ll be give a seed to sprout in your pocket!

Not sure if this tour is for you? Try the Living with the Land attraction – if you like what you see as your boat cruises through the greenhouse, you’ll love the Behind the Seeds tour.



ATTRACTION: The Undiscovered Future World
WHERE: Epcot
AGE RESTRICTIONS: Guests must be at least 16 years of age or older – photo identfication required. 
PRICE: $55 per person – theme park admission required and is not included.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This is an outdoor tour, so be sure to check the weather report and dress appropriately. To book a tour call (407) 939-8687. Tours available Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.

epcot-tour2When Walt Disney bought 27,500 acres of land in Florida, his dream was to build an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, which he called EPCOT. EPCOT was originally intended to be a living, breathing city of the future inhabited by thousands of permanent residents.  

During   4-hour guided tour, you will venture into secret backstage areas of the park and see amazing facilities that guests are ordinarily not permitted to visit. Discover how Walt Disney’s vision and legacy inspired the design and technology behind the Future World area of Epcot theme park. Plus, hear the amazing story of how a massive construction project brought Epcot theme park to life.





epcot-tourATTRACTION: Around The World At Epcot
WHERE: Epcot
AGE RESTRICTIONS: Guests must be at least 16 years of age or older – photo identfication required. Weight must be between 100-250 pounds.
PRICE: $99 per person including tax – theme park admission required and is not included.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: An outdoor tour, so be sure to check the weather report and dress appropriately. Beginners are welcome. To book call (407) 939-8687.

The Around the World at Epcot tour allows you to see World Showcase while riding aboard a   2-wheel Segway Personal Transporter.

The first portion of the 2-hour tour consists of a fun training session where you will learn how to navigate a variety of terrain types and hear how to safely deal with common situations you’ll encounter during your adventure. Once you are up to speed on the operation of the Segway, your tour group will head out for a trip around the World Showcase. Traveling along the 1.3-mile World Showcase Promenade, you will get spectacular views of the 11 international pavilions along the way and your guide will point out interesting details and give you some unique insights into the design and craftsmanship behind the international pavilions



ATTRACTION: Backstage Magic Tour.
WHERE: Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Magic Kingdom.
AGE RESTRICTIONS: Guests must be at least 16 years of age or older – photo identfication required.
PRICE: $224 per person including tax – theme park admission NOT required or included.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Duration of tour is at least 6 hours. Available Monday to Friday. Book a tour in advance by calling (407) 939 8687. AP, DVD and AAA discount available. Lunch at Whispering Canyon Café inside Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is included with the tour. Disney recommends reservations at least 2 months in advance. Your tour will combine walking and coach transportation. The tour is fully handicapped accessible, but call ahead to make arrangements if you use an ECV or oversized electric wheelchair. No pictures are permitted in any backstage area, and Disney reserves the right to confiscate your camera or even remove you from the tour. You are also strictly required to remain with your guide at all times, and may not venture into any unauthorized areas. 

backstage-magic2Once you have seen the parks a few times, the question often arises, how did they do that? Disney Imagineering is well-known for testing limits, stretching reality, and forging new ground. For many years, the question of “how” was a carefully guarded secret. Eventually the decision was made to expose Disney magic to the masses. Although you will not get to see the ideas that are still on the drawing board, Disney now offers the chance to go behind the scenes at a variety of attractions and shows.  

The Backstage Magic Tour is Disney’s most comprehensive overview. This tour covers the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney-MGM Studios. It is a full six to seven-hour day, and includes lunch.    

Tour details vary from day to day depending on the day’s scheduled events, maintenance, and so forth. However, the basics generally remain the same. The tour normally meets at 8:45 am at the Guest Relations office outside of Epcot’s main entrance. Group size is extremely limited, which allows for a good deal of personalized interaction with your guide.    

Your tour will visit a mix of onstage and backstage locations. In order to preserve the magic for children, all tour participants must be age 16 or over. If you are the type of person who wants to preserve the fantasy unspoiled, then this tour is not for you. However, if you like to know how things work, then you will find the tour absolutely fascinating.   

One stop you will likely make is at Costume Central and the Scenic Workshops.  Your guide in conjunction with a Cast Member from that department will explain some of the process that goes into designing a show. From fabrics to paint colors, every bit of detail is carefully researched to develop the perfect blend of historical accuracy and real-world durability. Costume Central may bring your first jarring glimpse of reality, as Princesses arrive in sweatpants and T-shirts to pick up their dresses.

In the afternoon, your group will go to the Magic Kingdom to see the parade, before heading to the most anticipated portion of the tour—the Utilidors. This series of tunnels, located deep below the ground of the Magic Kingdom, is the stuff of many legends. Prior to the commencement of this tour, no guest was ever allowed inside. The Utilidor system provides Cast Members with a means to travel between sections of the park without being seen by guests. This is an important part of preserving the show, as it ensures that a Cast Member in futuristic Tomorrowland dress will not suddenly appear in the Old West setting of Frontierland.



ATTRACTION: Seas Aqua Tour.
WHERE: Disney’s Epcot.
AGE RESTRICTIONS: Must be at least 8 years old. Guests between 8 and 11years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
PRICE: $115 per person including tax. Theme park admission not required. 
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Two and a half hours long with the in water section being half an hour. Guests will receive a group photo, a t/shirt and refreshments. Swimsuit needed. No cameras/camcorders allowed.
Contact number: 001 407 939 8687 from the UK or 407 939 8687 once in Florida
altDon a wetsuit which you will have provided and plunge yourself into the water of the Seas with Nemo aquarium. Watch in amazement as more than 65 species of marine life swim by amongst the coral. You will share the water with giant sea turtles, sharks, and rays. Water temperature is in the mid 70’s. No special diving certificates needed to participate. 

You will meet up at the Guest Services courtyard near the entrance to Epcot where you will let a cast member know your clothing size. This is so they can get your wetsuit and other equipment ready for you by the time you get to the locker rooms. You will be in the aquarium about 40 minutes.



ATTRACTION: Divequest.
WHERE: Disney’s Epcot.
AGE RESTRICTIONS: Must be at least 10 years old. Guests between 10 and 12 years old must be accompanied by a paying participating parent or guardian.
PRICE: $150 per person including tax. Theme park admission not required.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Three hours long with the in water section being 40 minutes. Must have a SCUBA certification. Guests will receive a t/shirt. Must bring own swimsuit. No cameras/camcorders allowed. Contact number:001 407 939 8687 from the UK or 407 939 8687 once in Florida

altDive into a 22.7 million litre indoor aquarium. You will be among over 65 species of marine life including sharks, turtle and rays. All equipment required is included in the price. Aquarium water is in the mid 70’s.  

The experience lasts 3 hours, and Guests will spend approximately 40 minutes underwater in the massive Caribbean Coral Reef aquarium—which until 2005 was the largest saltwater tank in the world. Participants also get to see the massive backstage infrastructure required to filter and maintain a vast manmade ocean flourishing with life.  

With its clear water and lack of currents, Epcot DiveQuest is an experience that both diving enthusiasts and Disney fans will never forget. Where else in the world can you swim with sharks and sea turtles while simultaneously waving to people enjoying a sit-down meal?



ATTRACTION: Dolphins in Depth.
WHERE: Disney’s Epcot.
AGE RESTRICTIONS: At least 13 years old. All participants under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian participating too.
PRICE: $150 per person including tax.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: You do not need to swim or be SCUBA certified to participate. Three hours long. Park admission not required. No cameras or camcorders allowed.
Contact number:001 407 939 8687 from the UK or 407 939 8687 once in Florida 

altDolphins in Depth lets you get close with the dolphins in an encounter you won’t forget in a hurry. You’ll learn all about these friendly creatures including an up-close interaction in the water which is waist deep. Visit the dolphin research centre where you’ll watch a training session before wading into the water for your photo. You will receive refreshments and a t/shirt. Wetsuits are provided but you need to take your own swimwear. Only eight guests per day can participate. 


































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